JLT Construction launches new global magazine

19 December 2016

JLT Construction is proud to deliver the first edition of Building Sight, a new publication focussing on the current issues facing the global construction industry. 

Since our inception in 1988, JLT Construction has undergone transformative growth. We are now a global network of insurance specialists capable of meeting clients’ needs in every continent of the world, across all construction and engineering disciplines. This new publication, with contributions from our global team, is evidence of our reach.

Within this, and each future edition, we will address a hot topic in the global construction industry. 

The theme for the first edition is infrastructure, the development of which is critical to both the emerging and developed economies, underpinning all global growth and the heartbeat of the construction world. We hope that you find the articles stimulating and informative.

The intention of both Building Sight, as well as its sister publication Constructive Insight (a global online publication on insurance market trends in the construction industry), is to add value for our clients and the construction industry.

If you have any questions, would like additional information or have a topic suggestion, please contact your local JLT office.

Download Building Sight

For further information please contact Anna Wiatr, Business Development Executive on +44 (0)20 7173 2605 or email anna_wiatr@jltgroup.com.