Global Insurance and Risk Management

Global businesses require a global approach to risk protection. This can be a challenge where assets are internationally dispersed and growth is rapid.

We understand the complexities of managing global and local insurance programmes at both a company and regulatory level and are able to provide decision makers with clear and actionable insight.

By collaborating with insurers, we structure the placement of policies effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, to ensure they meet local compliance legislation.

Our approach is to avoid the one-size-fits-all service model and get to know our clients and their needs both locally and globally, in order to become a true extension of their insurance management function, rather than merely a third party service provider.


Global insurance management Case study
Global insurance management What we do

JLT’s global international network is managed by our global service team, whose sole focus is on administering, advising and consulting on global and local insurance programs.

Our global service team specialises in:

  • Ensuring that local legislative requirements are met, whilst ensuring the insurance programme responds to your risk and insurance strategy
  • Provide comprehensive advice in relation to insurance regulations and practices worldwide, general programme information and any opportunities we foresee to enhance your existing arrangements
  • Management of your insurers such that local policies are issued correctly and with speed
  • Facilitate prompt payment of premiums including ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Provide clear protocols for communication for claims, invoicing, third party relationships and changes in risk exposures.

To do this we would provide you with:

  • A global insurance manual – a comprehensive manual detailing all global insurance covers and accompanying information
  • Policy and invoice tracking documents
  • Register of local insurances / policy digests
  • Local broker service level agreements – scoped on a local basis and then agreed with you in advance
  • Proactive and regular legal update as the local legislation evolves in countries where you carry out business.


The JLT International Network offers our multinational clients risk management and employee benefit solutions in over 135 countries, providing a global reach. Our network is comprised of majority-owned and associate operations in all of the world’s key economies, supplemented by non-owned partner operations. The network also offers a global distribution channel for JLT’s Reinsurance, Specialty and Employee Benefits activities.

We have developed our own proprietary online platforms and tools to assist in the efficient and effective administration of global insurance programmes, wherever they are in the world. These include:

  • Client Portal - JLT Specialty’s client portals have been designed to support risk and insurance managers in their day-to-day jobs, giving instant access to information at the click of a button.
  • iRIS - our proprietary platform is a highly efficient data collection tool that can be used to gather and collate all risk renewal data and stewardship information across your company’s risk portfolio.
  • World Risk Review is JLT’s proprietary country risk ratings platform, which provides risk ratings across nine insurable perils for 197 countries.
  • Axco is the leading supplier of global insurance market information with over 50 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry intelligence on re/insurance and employee benefits.

Our global specialists can conduct an in-depth global insurance review which will lead to cost efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary duplication in cover.

We have extensive local knowledge of local requirements and regulatory issues and understanding of local culture and customs. We’re also multilingual specialists.

We have proprietary tools and technology for the administration of global insurance programmes. We can collate and gather all renewal data with ease and efficiency.

Keys Stats

11 languages spoken by global Service team22 global professionals, in the UK Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil and US135+ countries coordinated worldwide97% client retention


We commit to delivering in the following areas:

  • Effective implementation, administration and control by expert staff, who specialise in the management of global programmes
  • Relevant and efficient problem resolution for local service issues, due to management of both local broker and local insurer networks
  • Clear communication protocols that range from a single point of contact for you centrally and for local brokers on overseas issues, through a hub model, to a fully 1-2-1 relationship with your business units
  • Our multilingual team supports successful network management so that communication with overseas brokers and insurers (verbal and written) is enhanced and any barriers are broken down
  • Administration costs are reduced as advice can be provided centrally to territories where the services of a local broker are not necessarily required
  • We will work with you to agree the service model meets your needs. This includes a centrally controlled programme service management where we will work closely with the global insurer. Brokers are appointed in key or mandatory territories/regions only, thereby increasing efficiencies and resulting in reduced costs for your business.

Case Studies

Global insurance management Case study


A FTSE 100 company with a presence in over 60 countries had problems with the transparency of their locally placed policies, delays in gathering renewal data and a slow response to queries from local brokers. They appointed JLT to conduct a review of all local policies, analysing gaps and overlaps in cover and checking compliance of all policies.

We streamlined the process for gathering renewal data using JLT's web-based iRIS system, reducing the time taken to collect information from five months to six weeks. The client now has full transparency of all locally placed policies and achieved cost savings.

Global insurance management What we do


For a major multinational client we identified numerous coverage duplications between the global and local programmes. Upon receipt of our global insurance review, and through auctioning our recommendations, we removed all duplications and saved over USD 350,000 in costs.

Further, by removing duplications we avoided the potential for complications in the event of a claim. Our client provided us with the following testimonial, following our review – “right from the outset JLT provided us with first-class management information on global insurances in a format that suited us. This in turn has made it easier for us to understand and manage the risks.”

Our global hubs

Global Service Map

Global Insurance review

In addition to the management of your global programme, we conduct a global insurance review. A global insurance review delivers a stock take of global insurance arrangements and can provide the following benefits:

  • Cost of risk visibility – visibility of local insurance and related costs on a worldwide basis
  • Group control – compliance with group insurance buying philosophy, risk management discipline and minimum standards of insurer security on a worldwide basis
  • Identification of savings – through elimination of duplication, programme rationalisation and identification of opportunities to leverage group buying (including use of pools or schemes)
  • Enhanced group protection – through identification of gaps between local and global programme limits, strengthened compliance with local insurance requirements, and cover enhancements from improved use of global insurance programmes
  • Informed decision making – through a clear, auditable process
  • Insurance programme strategy development – establishing a prioritised set of actions for global programme evolution.

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