Claims Management to resolve claims disputes

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for major loss claims to become contentious, as claimants and insurers disagree on policy interpretation or the sums claimed.

These disputes can cause irreparable damage to your business, at a time when you can least afford further distraction. They almost always lead to delays in the claim process, which affects cash flow, threatens your credibility and increases costs.

Worse still, they often result in legal action. Because of our experience in resolving negotiating deadlock, we can smooth the way to a happy and successful outcome – even when appointed years after the original claim was made.


Resolving claim disputes what we do
Resolving claim disputes what we do

Claim disputes often arise over policy interpretation or the amounts claimed. They almost always lead to delays in the insurance claim process, which affects your cash flow, threatens your credibility and increases costs. They can also result in legal action.

We bring a pragmatic and cost effective approach to resolving negotiation deadlocks.

We will quickly investigate and assess the situation and provide an honest view on the strengths and weaknesses of your position.

It is very important to evaluate the ‘grey' areas in these cases and consider the options available to you. This will be part of the resolution strategy that we develop to optimise your chances of success.


2002 year Echelon was established3 weeks to secure interim payment on a large Caribbean hurricane loss$650m loss values managed and settled2 of the largest contingent business interruption claims settled


As loss adjusters who previously represented insurers, we know how insurers operate and we put you on a level footing with their experts. We know what questions to ask, what information needs to be disclosed and what doesn’t.

We know how to present it to settle your claim as swiftly as possible. And wherever appropriate, we challenge unnecessary claims procedures to ensure your interests – not the insurer’s – drive the settlement.

We will add value to your organisation by:

  • Ensuring you claim everything you should
  • Providing the knowledge and experience to put you on an equal footing with the insurer and their experts
  • Challenging unnecessary practices that may delay or prejudice settlement
  • Securing prompt stage payments to help manage your cash flow
  • Delivering your proper entitlement from your insurance policy
  • Speeding up the insurance claim settlement 
  • Preventing disputes and potentially costly resolution or litigation
  • Saving you time and cost in claim preparation.


Resolving claim disputes case study

Oil and gas explosion

Our client based in Germany suffered losses relating to commission payments following termination of two ship building contracts in South East Asia. Coverage for the contract purchase cost claimed under a loss of profits/commission policy was repudiated due to a dispute on both the interpretation of the policy terms and circumstances of termination.

We were appointed to build a coherent and structured argument to support the client in response to the underwriter’s repudiation of liability.

We advised the client on the issues arising and provided guidance as to the additional information and evidence needed to better support their position.

We conducted a full and detailed review of all previous documentation and correspondence, together with new evidence obtained under our direction and based on our analysis and research, we developed a comprehensive response document to the underwriters on behalf of the client challenging their repudiation and demonstrating the link between the available evidence and policy triggers.

After a period of deliberation and further enquiry regarding the additional evidence provided, Underwriters agreed to a settlement meeting. We assisted the client in providing the necessary quantum documentation in support of the loss and provided strategic guidance ahead of the settlement meeting.

As a result of our submission underwriters agreed to settle and the client secured payment where previously the claim had been repudiated.

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