Claims Preparation

The way that data is presented to insurers is key to recovering your claim. Insurers will appoint a range of experts to investigate and measure your loss. We help you manage the experts, proactively drive the process and protect your position.

It is also vital that your business objectives – and not the insurers’ – should be the driving force behind loss mitigation and business recovery.

The quality of information you provide will determine your insurance claim outcome. It needs to be accurate and justifiable in order to maintain your credibility with insurers and their experts. You will be asked for a great deal of documentation and detailed evidence to support your claim and you will be expected to provide this promptly. Failure to do so may limit your insurance claim recovery.

Our claims consultants have the necessary blend of skills to prepare the substantial technical and financial information to fully evidence your claim. We know precisely what information insurers require and we present it in the right way and in the format required to optimise the insurance claim settlement. This speeds up the claims process, and minimises insurers’ requests for more information that might otherwise arise.


Claims Preparation What we do
Claims Preparation What we do

We interpret, analyse, prepare and present the data under the relevant heads of claim to develop a robust proof of loss in such a way as to optimise the coverage in place. This is essential to enable clients to recover their proper entitlement under the terms of the policy(ies).

The claim information presented must include appropriate narrative explanation, which must be in the language of and tailored to the requirements of the policy coverage.

This process requires a deep understanding of the insurance coverage and the experience of how it applies in practice, in relation to the losses suffered.

We work closely with you to retrieve and prepare the information you need to document a loss.

Where evidence is missing or too commercially sensitive to provide, we employ strategies to minimise the impact on the ultimate claim settlement.

Our claims consultants are experienced in handling confidential issues with insurers and their experts. And by integrating our claims, industry and technical skills, we help you prepare the balance of information to evidence your insurance claim in the right format.


2002 year Echelon was established3 weeks to secure interim payment on a large Caribbean hurricane loss$650m loss values managed and settled2 of the largest contingent business interruption claims settled

Why Echelon

We’ll not only pursue your full claims entitlement, but we’ll also reduce your time and involvement in the loss.

We would prepare, manage and negotiate the claim settlement on your behalf. Or if you prefer, we can support your team in a consultancy capacity right through the claims process.

We will add value to your organisation by:

  • Establishing an action plan
  • Minimising your time in claim preparation
  • Evaluating realistic loss estimates to manage expectations
  • Putting you on an equal footing with the insurer and their experts
  • Challenging unnecessary practices that may delay or prejudice settlement
  • Securing prompt stage payments to help manage your cash flow
  • Delivering your proper entitlement from your insurance policy
  • Expediting settlement to save time and cost
  • Preventing disputes and potentially costly resolution or litigation.


Claims Preparation Case Study

Hurricane damages major Caribbean hotel

Following severe hurricane damage to a major Caribbean hotel and its beachfront restaurants, Echelon responded immediately to handle the hotel’s relationship with the loss adjusters.

We managed all aspects of building reinstatement, along with property and business interruption claim preparation and negotiation. We successfully overcame complex policy issues, including underinsurance, to settle the claim in full, quickly and without fuss.

This prompted the hotel’s Financial Controller to write: “Echelon negotiated prompt interim payments that were vital to our cash flow…and demonstrated a commendable understanding of our business. Of particular benefit was the fact they secured the loss adjuster’s early agreement on the extent of demolition and reconstruction… so that we could identify the size of the task ahead of us, which was essential to our future planning and recovery.”

Claims Preparation Case Study

Fire in London primary school

Immediately after a fire that destroyed a London primary school, the school’s insurers issued a reservation of rights, as they believed there had been a breach of fire protection clauses. Further issues then arose which added to the complexity of the claim – including potential underinsurance, the sizeable costs incurred regarding the size and location of the new school, and delays in subsequent negotiations to secure extra funds due to Government elections.

By interviewing the risk assessment consultants, conducting a paper trail check with the London Fire Brigade and researching the fire doors and construction of the building, our findings proved there had been no breach of cover and the insurers retracted the reservation of rights. Further negotiations ensured satisfactory alternative costs of working and a full and final settlement was agreed, giving the local authority certainty of funding and the go-ahead to build a new, larger, state-of-the-art school on the original site. 

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