Claims Consulting

The events following a major insurance loss can be a stressful time for any business. But with a pragmatic and cost effective approach to a long and time consuming claims process, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

JLT Specialty’s claims consultancy, Echelon Claims Consultants are a global practice of chartered loss adjusters solely committed to preparing, managing, and settling major and complex claims on behalf of policyholders.

Our dedicated team have experience working across a wide range of industries. With a culture for not resting until we achieve the best result, our team endeavours to save your business time and money.

There’s no single definition of a major loss. The term means different things to different businesses. But however you define it; it’s a demanding time when a business has to cope with getting back on its feet at the same time as managing a forensic and challenging claims process.



Gathering and preparing the correct documentation that insurers require is a major exercise in itself. Policy coverage may initially appear straightforward enough. However, when it comes to looking at all the factors affecting your claim recovery, things are often far more complex. It’s a simple fact that most businesses do not have major claim procedures in place or the resources to manage a large claim.

Many often find their final settlement falls well short of their expectation as a result of provisions in their insurance policy that they weren’t aware of, or clauses they didn’t fully understand. That’s our skill, we live and breathe major loss – so you don’t have to.

We take a pragmatic, collaborative and constructively robust approach to claims processes, supplementing your business with additional expertise and resource wherever needed.

Our skilled claims specialists work with you every step of the way as part of your team. By applying a tried and tested claims methodology, we dedicate ourselves to recovering your full entitlement.

Our claims consultancy services include:

  • Claim quantification and preparation
  • Securing interim payments to optimise cash flow
  • Technical and procedural advice
  • Assessment of policy coverage
  • Review of claim submission
  • Negotiating settlement
  • Claim project management
  • Advice on loss mitigation
  • Processes for data collection and loss measurement.


Work with your insurance broker and their claim consultants to develop a major loss plan before a claim occurs which will deliver against your objectives. Make sure your policy has claim preparation coverage so you can appoint the additional resources that you will need after the loss.

You will need to be satisfied that the settlement offer is sufficient to cover all the costs and losses that you have suffered. Ask your insurance broker and their claims consultants to evaluate the claim and advise on whether the proposed settlement fully reflects the coverage provided by the policy.

Your insurance policy will still respond, although your payment may be reduced to reflect the current value of the property at the time of loss rather than the cost to renew it.

In most cases an interim payment can be agreed with the insurer to assist with immediate losses and claim costs; your insurance broker and claims consultant can assist with this process.

The process of preparing a large claim is time consuming and needs specialist expertise. You should appoint your own claims experts to represent your interests, and help you prepare the claim. If your policy includes claim preparation coverage, these costs will be paid by insurers as a valid part of the claim.


2002 year Echelon was established3 weeks to secure interim payment on a large Caribbean hurricane loss$650m loss values managed and settled2 of the largest contingent business interruption claims settled


As loss adjusters who previously represented insurers, we know how insurers operate and we put you on a level footing with their experts. We know what questions to ask, what information needs to be disclosed and what doesn’t.

We know how to present it to settle your claim as swiftly as possible. And wherever appropriate, we challenge unnecessary claims procedures to ensure your interests – not the insurer’s – drive the settlement.

We will add value to your organisation by:

  • Ensuring you claim everything you should
  • Providing the knowledge and experience to put you on an equal footing with the insurer and their experts
  • Challenging unnecessary practices that may delay or prejudice settlement
  • Securing prompt stage payments to help manage your cash flow
  • Delivering your proper entitlement from your insurance policy
  • Speeding up the insurance claim settlement
  • Preventing disputes and potentially costly resolution or litigation
  • Saving you time and cost in claim preparation.

Case Studies

Claims Consulting Case study

Following an electrical fire in an exclusive leisure spa, we were appointed immediately after the incident, and attended an initial meeting with the insurer, loss adjuster, forensic accountant, client, broker, builder, and quantity surveyor. The insurer did not accept liability, as they were awaiting the results of investigations by forensic scientists, and referral to the insurer’s parent company in the US.

We maintained pressure on the insurer to make a decision on policy liability, whilst our client provided proof of compliance with various safety requirements. As a result, the insurers formally accepted liability only ten days after the loss, even though the process had involved a thorough forensic investigation. We advised our client on the compilation of initial and projected costs in respect of property damage and business interruption and obtained the insurer’s agreement to a significant interim payment being made just three-weeks after the loss.

Following further negotiation, a second substantial interim payment was made, and the spa reopened on schedule as planned, less than two months after suffering the fire.

Claims Consulting Case study


Following severe hurricane damage to a major Caribbean hotel and its beachfront restaurants, Echelon responded immediately to handle the hotel’s relationship with the loss adjusters.

We managed all aspects of building reinstatement, along with property and business interruption claim preparation and negotiation. We successfully overcame complex policy issues, including underinsurance, to settle the claim in full, quickly and without fuss.

This prompted the hotel’s Financial Controller to write: “Echelon negotiated prompt interim payments that were vital to our cash flow…and demonstrated a commendable understanding of our business. Of particular benefit was the fact they secured the loss adjuster’s early agreement on the extent of demolition and reconstruction… so that we could identify the size of the task ahead of us, which was essential to our future planning and recovery.”

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