Risk Consulting

In an increasingly volatile threat landscape, our risk consulting team provides strategic risk management covering insurable and non-insurable risks. Our aim is to help clients gain a deep understanding of actual risk exposure and provide strategic response options to ultimately manage risk and support business objectives.

Wherever possible, we strive to offer quantitative as well as qualitative based evidence to support financial decisions. Our fundamental drive is to demonstrate the commercial value of risk transfer or strategic risk management.

Through our defined specialisms, we bring to our clients a high level of sector-specific expertise and experience.

This technical depth and industry-wide experience help us to know our client’s business; identify the key issues impacting efficiency and growth; and solve risk concerns creatively, effectively and efficiently.

Our core team of risk consultants are based in Singapore, supported by hubs in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines.


Risk Consulting insurance

We are able to help clients manage a range of risks, from core operational and tactical to strategic and opportunistic risks.

By combining internal expertise with external strategic partnerships, we provide our clients with a one-stop shop. We resolve our clients’ risk issues through a creative, responsive and flexible approach. We can provide the following services:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Design and embed clients’ ERM framework in line with ISO 31000, by aligning risk appetites with organisational strategy across all operations.

Supply Chain Management
Enhance clients’ supply chain resilience thorough mapping and quantifying critical vulnerabilities, located internally and at third party operations.

Fleet Risk Management
Understand client fleet operations to develop solutions that reduce accident levels, insurance claims, improve driver welfare and reduce fuel costs.

Business Risk Evaluation
Assist clients to identify, assess, and mitigate all risks that have a critical impact on operations and determine insurability.

Risk Consulting insurance

Captive Management
Optimise clients’ insurance retention strategy/insurance programme design through feasibility studies and where required, set up and manage their captive operations.

Project Risk Management
Identify, assess and mitigate all risks through pre-contract appraisals and during real-time project delivery, including implementing project risk procedures.

Property Loss Control
Assist clients to manage and mitigate property risk exposures, ensure accurate insured values, and calculate EML/PML loss estimates.

Business Interruption
Determine accurate values and the correct basis for insurance cover, to ensure that the client has a comprehensive, tailored programme.

Claims Consulting
Provide support and advice in the management and settling of large and complex claims.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)
Develop and embed BCM programmes, enhancing a client’s resilience in the event of a major incident.


Risk Consulting insurance
  • Our risk consulting team comprises advisory professional consultants with a broad range of industry experience and a high level of technical expertise
  • We excel at understanding our client’s businesses; identifying key issues impacting goals and objectives, and offering risk solutions creatively, effectively and efficiently
  • We utilise leading edge technology to support analysis so as to enhance the value of the services we provide
  • The breadth of our solutions helps us support the insurance procurement process. This helps our clients maximise policy coverage, optimise retention levels, achieve competitive premiums and improve claims performance
Risk Consulting insurance
  • Our consultative approach is geared towards understanding your needs and to delivering solutions that are suited to your needs
  • JLT’s consultants are best equipped to address the risk issues, identify and express appropriate solutions, and are capable of working within the local, cultural and corporate environment. We are not constrained by geographical boundaries or convention, which allows us to implement the most innovative and effective ideas – and have the greatest impact on our clients’ financial strength and reputation.
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