Claims Management

JLT considers claims management as a key foundation of our service proposition and we are dedicated to maintaining a strong reputation in this field.

We understand that the ultimate test of any insurance solution is the quality of service we provide when a loss occurs. We place great emphasis on our claims service and have a claims team co-located with our broking and account management resources to facilitate claims settlement.

In addition to the individual claims teams based in our Asia offices, we provide a region-wide Claims advocacy service from our office in Singapore.


Claims Management

Major claims, either in relation to their complexity or size, require focused management from the outset.

We visit the location where the loss occurred and from the outset assist our clients by managing all aspects of the claims process on their behalf so that they can concentrate on the day-to-day business matters.

We liaise directly with all those involved in the claims process, including loss adjusters, insurers/reinsurers and their appointed experts (of which there can be several) to ensure that the claim progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Claims Management

Our objective is to ensure a fair recovery of the financial losses that is allowed under the terms of the policy.

Where appropriate, we have a further resource available which is our in-house claims consultant, Echelon.

They can be called upon to assist with large and contentious claims, particularly those involving business interruption issues, as currently insurers almost inevitably employ forensic accountants.

By engaging Echelon, we ensure that our clients are properly represented and their interests are fully protected.

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