Affinity schemes are tailored around a client’s specific needs and the objective is to offer clients "added value" by designing a range of products that will generate new business and revenue whilst improving customer loyalty.

We always keep up-to-date and continuously monitor the insurance market to make sure that we at all times develop our products and negotiate with the insurers the most competitive products and solutions.

The affinity products we specialize in are leasing insurance, product insurance and various kinds of payment protection insurance.

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Companies often lease their office equipment and it is the lease holder’s responsibility to guarantee that the objects have correct insurance cover during the leasing contract period.


As consumer goods/products are increasingly more costly and sophisticated customers frequently ask for some form of insurance cover at the time of purchase.

Product insurance grants the consumer prompt compensation at a limited cost while it enables the seller to offer good service and gain customer loyalty. This insurance can either be included in the sale or alternatively be added on request by the customer at the time of purchase.


This is one of the most common insurances but there is also a growing demand for insurance against theft and loss.


Payment protection insurance is a loan repayment insurance and credit protection insurance. It is widely sold by banks or other credit providers as an add-on to the loan/credit products and is designed to safe-guard loan and rent payments, utility bills or any other outgoings. It covers the borrower against circumstances that may prevent regular payment due to an accident, long term sickness or involuntary unemployment.

These insurances help the lender/credit provider reduce its credit loss and give a possibility to generate an additional source of income besides the core business whilst also encourages customer loyalty. In the event of a claim the borrower/ customer is given the chance to maintain his or her previous lifestyle and credit rating. 

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