Financial Institutions Insurance

Insurance for financial institutions is an important consideration. The risks themselves vary greatly from one sector to another and again, from firm to firm.

We can help you every step of the process from:

  • Considering your key risks
  • Discussing the risks you choose to transfer to insurers and those you opt to retain
  • Understanding how you can mitigate the exposures
  • Appreciating the policy coverage you have in place and where you might be exposed
  • Exploring the correct limits to buy
  • Getting comfort that your premiums are competitive.

JLT is a specialist broker who understands the extent of your organisation’s risks, appreciates your business risk appetite and has a deep understanding of the insurance market. We work with a wide range of clients in the financial institutions sector, which means that we have a wealth of experience to draw upon, and can therefore advise on a variety of industry focused risk transfer solutions most suitable for you.

We do not have a blanket approach to financial institutions, recognising that no company is the same and the types of exposures, losses and claims affecting one business i.e. an insurance company can be wholly different from those of a wealth manager, bank, investment manager or a private equity firm.

We have specific teams dedicated to each of these financial institution sectors and take the time to explore and analyse the way your business specifically operates to ensure your coverage fits your needs. We recognise that getting it wrong can be expensive, time consuming and an unnecessary hurdle for you.


Financial institutions

We offer our clients sector specialism combined with a deep knowledge of the relevant insurance products. We have individual teams and expertise dedicated to financial lines insurances in these specificrisk areas:

  • Insurance companies (including MGA’s and ILS funds)
  • Wealth and investment management (including hedge funds)
  • Banks
  • Private equity, family offices and corporate finance
  • Exchanges and securities

JLT does not try to be all things to all people; by focusing these specific risk areas we have built a team of market leading specialists that deliver distinctive level of knowledge and expertise to our clients.

Financial institutions

Our products span all financial lines insurances, to address the risks faced by financial institutions. We work closely with our network of international offices, delivering a global service. We can arrange cover for the following risks:

  • Directors and officers liability
  • Professional indemnity (errors and omissions)
  • Crime
  • Cyber
  • Employment practices liability
  • Pension trustee liability
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Every single one of our financial institution clients benefits from a personal service with leading experts to guide them in their insurance buying, arranging leading coverage, competitive pricing and providing guidance pre/post claim.


Our team of legal and claims experts work alongside our sector experts. We have invested in the best people within the legal and claims team in order to deliver their legal and claims input into product creation and the claims process from the outset of your engagement with us. No post boxing, no bottle necks, guidance support and proactive advice.

We provide solutions to meet your individual needs supported by relevant data. We have the most experienced individuals in the field and our clients value our proactive advisory approach, along with our ability to think quickly and differently and deliver on time. We deliver tangible improvements to all our client's insurance and risk management programmes.

We can test your policies to ensure that when a claim occurs they respond as intended. Where appropriate, take a global approach to your risk and insurance management strategy to ensure that you are fully compliant on a worldwide basis and maximise your insurance spend.

  • Market leading coverage for each financial institution sector
  • Sector specific, relevant, data and analysis that informs your insurance buying
  • A service proposition that combines proactivity and responsiveness. We will be available to you at all times
  • An integrated team of legal and claims offering working alongside our sector experts. This team of people provide legal and claims input into product creation and the claims process from the outset of your engagement with us providing guidance support and proactive advice
  • We provide thought leadership and regular updates on the market and sector specific updates and deliver tangible improvements to all our clients insurance and risk management programmes.

Key Stats

100% client retention rate for the insurance companies sector
20 average years experience in the insurance industry
12 months the legal and technical team haev doubled in size
$7.5m global hedge fund portfolio


Financial institutions

We recognise that what works for one client may not work for another. We will implement a plan that mirrors your requirements premised on the following core tenets:

Best people focused on you
We go beyond investing in the best people in the specialist fields; we place senior management to focus on your service priorities.

True collaboration across your key jurisdictions
Our team have a truly collaborative structure working together across product lines and your key jurisdictions.

Bright thinking and proactivity
We provide you with data and insight to help you decide on the best options to suit your needs and to highlight any relevant emerging trends.

Financial institutions

Available and responsive
Your account team will always be on hand to advise you on any aspect of your account. We are on call 24/7.

Right team, rapport and consistency
We will select the right team with the right balance between technical skills and personality fit to meet your needs.

It will be our responsibility to be on top of the management of your insurance programme and where possible pre-empt your needs and service requirements.

We were the first to provide insurance company specific wording and continue to provide broad coverage in each financial institutions sector.

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