Our Team

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The Team

The WeCare team comprises of members from across the JLT India organisation. The team headed by a member of the leadership team has participation from Finance, Operations, IT, Group BPM (Consulting) and Knowledge Services teams.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design volunteering programmes that promote employee engagement in social causes supported by JLT India
  • Identify social causes that JLT India can support through its CSR programme
  • Plan and deliver fund raising events on behalf of partner NGOs/Not for Profit
  • Create awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility across the organization
  • Generate awareness among JLT Group entities for support towards causes supported by JLT India
  • Identify and prioritize issues for CSR based on business impact and needs
  • Act as points of contact for partner organisations
  • Monitor impact of CSR on business and employees and share outcomes with the Management