People's Business
JLT India is a People's Business

We recognize the importance of work-life balance and it's contribution to our success.

Training and Development
Training and Development is the Backbone of our Performance

JLT India is committed towards providing its employees appropriate training thus ensuring competency and productivity on the floor.

Reward Innovation
We Reward Innovation and Quick Thinking

Employees are encouraged to think out of the box and contribute to our rapidly growing and dynamic organisation.

Business Travel
We Provide Great Opportunities of Business Travel

Located in 41 countries across the world, you get the opportunity to travel around the globe and meet great stakeholders.

We Grow You Grow
At JLT India, When We Grow You Grow

JLT India offers various growth platforms to its employees, both technical and managerial.

Make an Impact at JLT India 

Our people are some of the most talented, creative and dedicated people in the industry.