Life at Work

As a part of the organisation our executives experience the unique 'JLTI - way of life'.

Employee Facilities

JLT India is committed to employee satisfaction and safety by providing facilities customised for every segment of the employee demographic.

  • Daily pick up and drop services to all employees
  • A dedicated JLTI cafeteria serving food and beverages at subsidized rates
  • Recreation and entertainment areas

Employee Engagement

Engagement activities are designed across the organisation each year. Events, celebrations, competitions, festivities, off-sites and more are organised throughout the year. A distinguishing feature of our Engagement are our Activity Clubs.

To ensure that our talent has a balanced work-life approach, we have started Activity Clubs that encourage each one to take up their passion. Some of the popular Clubs are the Trek Club, Bikers Club, Dance Club and Photography Club

Corporate Social Responsibility

WeCare partners with The Udaan India Foundation, an NGO that provides education to underprivileged children. To know more visit our WeCare page