Surety and Bonds Solutions

JLT has expertise in the design and management of surety programs, providing customized solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Having a network of offices across the country and established long-term relationships with all major surety companies at their highest levels means JLT has the capability to offer maximum support and leverage, with best available terms.

Our awareness of market conditions, coupled with assertive negotiation has given us the proven ability to deliver surety solutions for clients both locally and internationally.



Surety Bonds what we do

Our suite of services includes, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging a full complement of contract and commercial bonds including reclamation bonds
  • Indemnity package negotiations
  • Reviewing contract and tender specifications to ensure compliance
  • Facilitating a productive relationship between our clients and the surety
  • Surety claims advocacy.
Surety Bonds what we do

JLT is the surety and insurance partner of choice for contractors, project owners and project financiers across the world, placing in excess of USD 1 billion into the global market.

We are supported by our international network, which spans 135 countries, to provide access to exceptional deals and on-the-ground advice.


Proactive and available
We are a team who will respond quickly and pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us most. We know this is crucial to you and your businesses success and will do everything we can to deliver at the point required.

Experience to deliver
Our experience means there are very few problems we haven’t seen before and our vast knowledge helps us work through even the most complex of circumstances to get a result that is right for you.

Products and coverage
Our strong relationships with the right insurers in the market, dealing with them every day, means that we can leverage not only the price but also the coverage.

We work in partnership with you and our people have an acute understanding of your sector. We will listen and understand the challenges specific to your business. We will not always presume to know the answer and will work with you to gather insights to help us tailor a suitable answer for you.

Industry acumen
We are constantly learning to ensure our industry knowledge allows us to anticipate your needs. Knowledge about insurance is not enough; we pride ourselves on also being knowledgeable about your industry.

Simple language
We will speak to you in a language you will understand and we will explain any complexities so that you know exactly what service you are getting and what you are covered for. We can explain the particulars of your cover in a clear and concise way for your peace of mind.

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