JLT Frontier

Frontier is a safe travel platform, developed by our security team to support clients in understanding the rapidly evolving security risks environment globally.

Frontier helps ensure your company’s most important assets, your employees, are safe by keeping you informed of potential risks to their health and safety.

Frontier recognises these risk concerns by providing up-to-the-minute country risk feeds and detailed travel risk information for 250 countries and territories as well as live alerts covering security, health, transportation, communications and environment.



JLT Frontier


The travel alerts map provides an instant global overview of incidents and events that may disrupt travel or place travellers at risk. Users can quickly zoom in on specific countries and select colour coded alert icons to view an outline of the alert which can then be expanded for detailed background information and prevention advice.


Planning any travel with country information allows for effective, proportionate mitigation measures to be implemented. The country information provided on JLT Frontier also offers detailed information on the specific country ranging from crime to cultural holidays and financial information with links to articles produced by JLT experts. This information can also be exported as a PDF report to share with colleagues. 

JLT Frontier


Live alerts can be viewed and filtered for relevance in the global travel alerts feed option. This provides the ability to search by the type of risk category, location or other keywords linking the user to detailed reports if required.


Specific country risk alerts can be monitored via the ‘subscribe’ button on the country page enabling immediate email updates to your inbox on your countries of interest should a situation arise which could jeopardise travel or personal safety. 



The CPS analytics platforms allow clients to gain a greater insight into their credit, political and security (CPS) risks, helping guide strategic decision making and risk mitigation. Using data analytics tools, ratings models and insights, our team uses data to go beyond transactional insurance offerings, to become a trusted risk advisor to clients.

This is available to all clients who place special risks insurance through CPS. For more information on the platform and the special risks insurance products that we offer please contact your account executive, or email Ashley Coles.

For any questions about how to better utilise data and analytics to drive decision-making around CPS risks in your organisation, please contact your account executive or email Natalie Botha.


JLT Frontier

We find opportunities where others see challenges.  Our entrepreneurial culture and exclusive analytical ability helps clients to identify and realise opportunity in volatility.

Using ground-breaking modelling and rating tools, our analysts can pinpoint risks, map exposures, analyse the risk triggers, and evaluate probable maximum loss (PML) ratios across a portfolio of assets.

Our multilingual team handle broking services for clients globally including many of the world’s leading corporations, financial institutions and government/multilateral agencies.

As a CPS client you will benefit from: 

  • access to a diverse global team to deliver creative, comprehensive risk and insurance solutions which facilitate growth, reduce capital costs, improve returns, secure people and assets
JLT Frontier
  • ideas and products that positively impact risk mitigation and risk transfer strategies allowing you to make business decisions with confidence
  • our ability to create capacity to underwrite new and evolving risks
  • proprietary analytical tools  to ensure you have access to complete and accurate real-time information which enables fact based decision making
  • experienced resources available where you need them without hierarchical, geography or financial barriers
  • consistent engagement through advisory, structuring, placement and claims, drawing in management leverage and technical expertise to ensure that when losses do occur we maximise recovery and minimise the impact on your operations.
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