Product Recall Insurance for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Product recalls in the pharmaceutical sector have surged in recent years. Pharmaceutical companies face unique challenges where products pose significant health risks as well as to brand and reputation.

We have helped develop a global pharmaceutical recall insurance product providing a broad, exclusive and cost-effective solution.

We offer bespoke recall insurance covering exposure from manufacturing, packing and/or distribution. These exposures make the sector more vulnerable to recalls from contamination and mislabelling errors which can significantly damage the corporate brand and balance sheet.

We offer some of the broadest coverage in the market and are able to include both damage and non-damage triggers.


We can help provide cover for the following risks:

  • Product mislabelling
  • Microbiological contamination
  • Chemical contamination
  • Product has been mixed up and not repurposed
  • Omission to an active ingredient
  • Deliberate or accidental tampering
  • Lack of sufficient labelling/information
  • Government recall
  • Covering prescription and non-prescription medication
  • Customer loss of profit
  • Adverse publicity
  • Non-air tight containers leading to deterioration
  • Product extortion
  • Design error


Due to the growing impact of social media, it is imperative for companies to employ risk management resources to react quickly in a crisis. We recognize the importance of strong crisis management being integrated to a comprehensive recall insurance offering.

Our crisis consultancy service includes:

  • Dedicated network of crisis consultants
  • Pre-incident consulting
  • External risk monitoring
  • Social media preparation
  • Recall simulations
  • Seminars and training workshops
  • 24/7 hotline

Why Choose an integrated solution?

  • Market-leading specialist wording aligned to specific sector exposures
  • Pre-and post-loss crisis management support
  • Specialist claims management
  • Aligned sector-specific consulting advices
  • Non-damage/non-bodily injury trigger (bespoke extension)
  • Market-leading JLT facility rates.
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