Manufacturing risks for life science companies

23 November 2015

Welcome to our latest life science newsletter covering topical insurance and risk management issues in the industry. 

In this issue we look at the manufacturing risks faced by life science companies. We also have our usual features including a clinical trials update, new product developments, mergers and acquisitions news from across the sector and a look at regulatory and legal developments.

Main features in this issue:

Manufacturing risks for life science companies

Life science companies continually adopt new and complex methodologies for the production of drugs to maximise their bottom lines. The manufacturing of a drug has always been a highly regulated and rigorously controlled process. Due to mounting costs and increasing competition, companies are forced to reduce their production budgets and some even shift their production centres to new and cost-effective locations across the globe; however, this comes with a great deal of risk.

Merger & acquisitions news

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity continues to grow in the life science sector, with the last few months witnessing some big ticket merger and acquisition transactions focusing on both device and drug manufacturers.

Company news

Collaboration is the new way to develop life transforming drugs as pharma companies are joining hands to share technological know-how, risks and profits. 

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