Global logistic challenges: risks for life science companies

31 July 2015

Welcome to our latest life science newsletter covering topical insurance and risk management issues in the industry. 

In this issue we look at the logistics exposures faced by life science companies with comments from our cargo experts on how these can be mitigated. We also have our usual features including a clinical trials update, mergers and acquisitions news from across the sector and a look at regulatory and legal developments.

Main features in this issue:

Global logistic challenges – risks for life science companies

In the present era of globalisation, a product or service developed in one region can be distributed and used worldwide, transported over thousands of miles to different locations. This is especially the case with medicines and medical devices which are developed in advanced economies with access to cutting edge technology, manufactured in other regions with tax benefits and/or low cost resources and then distributed worldwide. Life Science companies are exposed to the various risks involved in the transfer of these goods from one region to another, such as a delay in reaching the end user, or the end product not meeting stringent regulatory/quality standards. Companies must therefore ensure they mitigate these distribution risks.

Merger & acquisitions news

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity continues to grow in the life science sector, with June and July 2015 witnessing some big ticket merger and acquisition transactions focusing on both device and drug manufacturers.

Company news

Pharma companies are ramping up their production capacities to exploit the current surge in demand for their products

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