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08 September 2016

Welcome to our latest life science newsletter covering topical insurance and risk management issues in the industry.

In this issue, we look at Biosimilars and their associated risks and challenges. We also have our usual features including a clinical trials update, mergers and acquisitions news from across the sector and a look at regulatory and legal developments.

In May this year we held our ninth JLT Life Science Conference - “The Science of Risk Management”. 2015 was another challenging year for life science companies, merger and acquisition activity was unrelenting, although there was an unusually high number of products achieving regulatory approval to somewhat offset the well-publicised pipeline difficulties that many companies faced.

Topics discussed at the 2016 Conference included:

  • Legal and regulatory changes that affect first and third party exposures, plus sessions on preparing and responding to some of these issues
  • How data and analytics can be used to aid decision making. For more information and to register your interest in attending future events please let me know.

Main feature in this issue:

Biosimilars poised to drive the next wave of growth

At the turn of the 21st century, pharmaceutical companies began focusing on biotechnology to provide novel therapeutic treatment leading to the development of ‘biologic’ drugs, which use biological systems (living cells) for their manufacture. Their success in treating chronic illness and in generating revenues has attracted companies to develop Biosimilars, which are drugs that are almost an identical copy of an already approved biologic drug. The opportunity for Biosimilars manufacturers can be gauged from Evaluate Pharma’s estimate of USD 87.4 billion worth of biological drug sales at risk from being supplanted by their Biosimilars counterparts. However, Biosimilars come with inherent risks and challenges.

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