How to attract, retain and protect construction workers

04 January 2018

In the third edition of our global construction magazine, Building Sight, we continue to explore the issues that impact the global construction industry.

Having previously examined the topics of infrastructure development and technological advances, we now turn to an issue that challenges business leaders in all disciplines: how to recruit and retain the most talented teams.

Skills shortages are impacting several markets globally. This will affect the construction industry’s ability to meet the demand for new infrastructure in developing nations as well as the drive to renew ageing infrastructure in the developed world.

Relationships are evolving; the marketplace is moving away from traditional domestic players towards international giants operating across borders to exploit opportunities wherever they arise. Owners and employers have new challenges, dealing with international firms where commercial and cultural differences are commonplace.

Trading in multiple territories also presents risks for businesses unfamiliar with local laws, customs and practices in the different regions. And with the changes to the structure and nature of work, as well as concerns around mental health in the construction industry, there is an increasing need for the businesses to support their staff. Those who do are becoming employers of choice and improving their ability to retain skilled staff.

The intention of this magazine, as well as its sister publication Constructive Insight, is to add value for our clients and the construction industry.

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