Construction All Risks Insurance (CAR)

Construction all risks (CAR) insurance covers the risk of physical loss or damage to contract works during the course of construction.

Formerly known as “contractors’ all risks insurance”, a more appropriate term is now “construction all risks” insurance as it is now commonly procured by owners as well as contractors.

It can also be extended to cover other classes of property during the project including temporary works, existing structures, temporary buildings and structures, construction plant and equipment, permanent premises temporarily occupied as site accommodation and employee’s tools and equipment.

The period of insurance normally runs from the contract start date until practical completion (or handover) although it is possible to secure cover for some losses that occur during the maintenance or defects rectification period.


Construction All Risks insurance

We typically arrange construction all risk policies as part of either a contractor controlled insurance programme (CCIP) or owner controlled insurance programme (OCIP).

There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, depending on the individual circumstances.

In either case, the employer or contractor will be obliged to provide insurance that fully recognises the other party’s interest in the contract works.

Construction all risk insurance

Our international CAR team specialise in:

  • High-end projects that require specific sector knowledge and experience, where the local market might not have the expertise or capacity to accept the risk
  • Infrastructure projects, including ports, dams, roads, bridges, tunnels and airports
  • Timber frame is a key risk and a large part of our CAR book of business.

In addition to CAR insurance, our team also has expertise in designing, placing and managing third party liability (TPL); contractors’ plant and equipment (CPE); delay in start-up (DSU) and advanced loss of projects (ALOP) as part of an CCIP or OCIP placement.

Key Stats

Construction Key Services
Construction insurance for owners and developers
Construction Key Services
Construction insurance for owners and developers


Our team of experts are leaders in their field. They are passionate specialists who speak your language and have an in-depth understanding of the insurance and risk issues in the construction industry.

Our dedicated team works alongside our clients because creating lasting partnerships is in our DNA.

We deliver proactive service from a team who are on your side and are committed to excellence through all stages of the insurance transaction.

Having been established for almost 30-years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the construction insurance market.

Our knowledge of the contractors sector allows us to proactively seek solutions to emerging risks that are affecting our clients businesses. We are continuously developing new products, or ways to adapt existing products, to provide value to our clients.

We deliver these innovations by utilising four key characteristics that are part of our DNA; Industry knowledge, proactivity, market understanding, leverage and imagination.

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