Core Capabilities and Services



Captive concept

Work with you and fully understand your business:

  • Assist in identifying whether a Captive could be a suitable risk financing option for your business
  • Help to build your knowledge and understanding of the available Captive management options

Line of Business review

Risks and appetites change, and so should your Captive:

  • In-depth analysis of your current Captive and recommend potential additional lines
  • Using analytics to make informed quantifiable recommendations to retain or transfer
  • Use our internal knowledge of other Captive solutions and the alternative risks housed in Captive vehicles

Retention assessment

What levels of exposure should you retain?

  • Retention levels also change over time for a number of reasons including legislations, shareholding and general insurance market trends and pressures
  • Review of established Captive, considering appropriateness of existing insurance lines and retentions



Is a Captive right for your business or is your current Captive sustainable?

  • Review current insurance programme & consider the most efficient way of financing the risk and benefits that may be available by establishing a Captive vehicle
  • Describe the intangible benefits brought by the ownership of a Captive based upon our experience of operating a large number of Captive vehicles

Domicile assessment

Where could you setup a Captive? Where is your existing Captive? Should you move locations?

  • Matrix recommending certain domiciles based on your priorities and our experience
  • Individual in-depth reports for each domicile that we operate in
  • Latest interpretation of the legislative and fee framework
  • Explain our choice of domicile locations and our experience and skill sets in each

Existing structure & operations

What structure works best and are improvements possible?

  • Access to a suite of analytics capabilities to provide a detailed ‘health check’ of your Captive solution
  • Investigate how we can help you to streamline your structure and operations to get more out of your Captive vehicle




How to deliver your chosen Captive solution to meet your risk financing needs:

  • Deliver against the critical path required to move from the design stage to the establishment of a Captive vehicle
  • Arrange setup (‘incorporation’) of the Captive vehicle to be licenced

Licensing application

Helping you to meet and comply with the regulator’s insurance requirements:

  • Arrange meetings with regulator and prepare business plans in accordance with the regulator’s requirements
  • Submission of the licence application to the regulators
  • Management of regulator queries and requests

Service provider

Offering a review of potential service providers and facilitate engagement:

  • Undertake service provider reviews/interviews and arrange engagements
  • Initiate meetings with the client service team that will provide on-going management support
  • In line with your needs we would suggest a higher frequency of meetings during early stages of establishing your Captive vehicle



Monitoring and compliance with all regulatory requirements and capital solvency/liquidity ratios:

  • A significant aspect of a Captive management engagement is management accounting and reporting
  • Internal reporting support and delivery including financials, underwriting & claims and risk registers (if necessary)

Audit compliance support

Ensuring you remain regulatory compliant and abreast of updates:

  • Preparation and delivery of financial reporting
  • Completion of regulatory and statutory annual returns and submissions
  • Meeting planning and minute preparation
  • Production of and adherence to internal and regulatory operating and procedure manuals

Underwriting & Claims support

Supporting your strategic objectives with expert advice and best practice procedures:

  • Provide a consultative approach to programme design and strategic planning in line with your risk appetite
  • Advice on lines of business including emerging coverage with limited market capacity
  • Evaluating the Captive’s risk exposures
  • Provide expertise to tailor underwriting protocols and draft bespoke re/insurance policy wordings

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