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Risks that are currently affecting the industry emanate from a wide range of factors, including the pressures caused by increasing infrastructure expenditure in the developing world, skills shortages in key sectors and technological and digital advances. Further risks have become apparent through the maintenance of complex supply chains across manifold territories each with their own social, economic, legislative and political nuances.

In an increasingly globalised world, owners, developers, financiers and construction companies are often operating across multiple territories. Consequently, construction is an industry which presents its stakeholders with a diverse catalogue of risk.

Our clients have confidence that the insurance policies we arrange for them are expertly structured, are written by experienced insurers with strong claims track records and, in the event of a loss, that our global specialty will handle the claim efficiently, with the most favourable results. 

Standard TPL insurance protects for common law liabilities only. Where these agreements extend liability beyond common law obligations, additional specialist insurance coverage is required. These policies, known as contractual liability or rail liability policies are available through specialist construction insurance brokers.