JLT Re releases Reinsurance: the price is right viewpoint report

26 July 2016


JLT Re has today launched a new Viewpoint Report – Reinsurance: The Price is Right, a detailed look at the reinsurance market and how the falling cost of reinsurance has now typically made it a more efficient form of contingent capital when compared to equity, debt and carriers’ own capital.

David Flandro, Global Head of Analytics, JLT Re, said, “Some buying behaviours could, at the moment, be described as counter-intuitive. Cedents’ recent purchases have not, on average, reflected a presumption of higher expected loss experience. Note 1 shows the simple average of cession rates of the top 20 global property and casualty (P&C) carriers from 1998. It clearly shows that the insurance sector is at a long-term cyclical low in terms of reinsurance buying[1]”.

Analysis carried out by JLT Re shows that the cost of reinsurance has fallen to levels significantly lower than that of most other forms of capital. By deploying reinsurance strategically, cedents can increase franchise value, support new growth initiatives and pursue more profitable business in order to successfully navigate  today’s challenging operating environment.

Falling demand has coincided with record levels of dedicated reinsurance capital. The result has been four years of falling reinsurance rates across most lines of business. Given the current market environment, now is the time for insurance carriers to compare weighted average costs of capital (WACC) to the cost of reinsurance capital[2].

Mike Reynolds, Global CEO, JLT Re, says, “We are encouraging clients to carefully re-examine strategic reinsurance purchases, not only in regard to earnings protection but also for value creation. Carriers with the foresight to exploit today’s cost effective reinsurance can help secure future profitability by preparing for the next unforeseen event(s) which could precipitate or accompany a turn in the market. Indeed, the disaster scenarios included in the report show how increased reinsurance spend can minimise volatility and protect cedents’ balance sheets in the event of major natural catastrophe losses, large man-made disasters, sudden macroeconomic changes and adverse reserve development issues, or a combination of all four”.

David Flandro continues, “The peaks and troughs of the underwriting cycle have long been core features of the reinsurance market. No two cycles are the same and market developments over the last five years have seemingly transformed the sector’s capital structure, potentially influencing the duration and volatility of future cycles. But the cycle is not dead.”

The key conclusions from this report underscore the value and efficiency of reinsurance capital in the current marketplace.

Mike Reynolds, concludes, “Reinsurance is now potentially the best-priced source of capital for most carriers. But market dynamics will not stand still forever and there are already emerging trends around reserving, capital inflows and the macroeconomic environment that could prove to be catalysts for future change. Reinsurance buyers can secure competitive advantages by anticipating cyclical change and JLT Re is committed to deliver its best-in-class advice and risk transfer products to support clients in managing market change”.

Cession Rate of Top 20 Global P&C Carriers – 1998-2015

Cession Rate of Top 20 Global P&C Carriers – 1998-2015

Top 15 Global P&C Insurers’ WACC Versus Cost of Property Catastrophe Reinsurance – 2006 - 2016

Top 15 Global P&C Insurers’ WACC Versus Cost of Property Catastrophe Reinsurance – 2006 - 2016

Read the JLT Re Viewpoint Report 'Reinsurance - The Price is Right'.


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