Respect for human rights

As a global business, we recognise and see many of the economic and social challenges facing the countries that we and our clients operate in around the world.

As an employer in both the developing and developed worlds and with clients who have diverse businesses in some of the most remote and poor, as well as the most affluent, corners of the world, we recognise and support the need to work together to ensure that principles of respect, fairness and integrity remain at the heart of how we run our business.

We respect and uphold the human rights and principles set out in detail in:

We have a zero tolerance for modern slavery and human trafficking in our organisation and in our supply chain. Our supply chains include providers of professional services, IT services and equipment, office facilities services, recruitment and training, advertising and marketing, and business operations and infrastructure support.

As a service based insurance broking and employee benefits business we believe the risk of modern slavery and/or human trafficking in or business and supply chain is low.

We have a Code of Ethical Conduct. This sets the standards we expect from both our own people and those of our partners.

We are committed to improving our supply chain vetting and due diligence. In the UK we carry out an annual risk assessment with our supply partners to ensure that compliance to our standards remain in place. 

In 2016 we increased our scrutiny of our UK supply chain in respect of the specific abuse of human rights that is human trafficking, in recognition of both the spirit and letter of the UK’s
Modern Slavery Act.

In 2017, we made further progress in improving our supply chain vetting and due diligence for our operations outside of the UK. This is an ongoing process. 

In addition, in 2018 we will be launching a training and awareness programme to appropriate members of staff to ensure a high level of understanding of the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking within the business. 

In accordance with the Act, we publish on our website an annual statement detailing our commitments and the  progress we are making towards assuring that our supply chain conforms to the principles we uphold. 

Labour Standards

As a specialist professional services firm, our exposure to the risk of low labour standards is not significant. We are opposed to forced labour or child labour. Our Employee Handbooks specify clear standards for acceptable working practices. We apply due diligence in our procurement policy and processes to ensure that we work with appropriate sub-contractors. 

In addition, our Employee Benefits business frequently helps clients to improve their own capabilities in the area of employee wellbeing through helping to minimise risks and deliver healthcare and rehabilitation support services, contributing to enhanced labour standards in the markets we serve.