Our Communities

Our colleagues across the world are active and enthusiastic contributors to community life, taking real pride in exercising their personal responsibility to make a positive contribution both to the environment and to the communities in which we live and work.  We believe community engagement makes a positive difference to our team spirit and ultimately to the quality of the work our teams can deliver for clients. JLT supports and encourages colleagues' initiatives – this can include time off work to take part in volunteering activities and matched-funding to support colleagues’ charitable fund-raising. 


We aim to work with charity partners whose strategic focus complements our own. To maximise the difference we can make, we are focusing on working with strategic partners, aligned with the social benefits our business delivers - those of knowledge, well-being and resilience. We manage the majority of our charitable giving business-by-business, along with a central fund for supporting our strategic partners and the more ad hoc fund-raising initiatives with which our colleagues choose to engage. The Group charities committee sets aside a proportion of its budget to support match-funding to individuals and teams of colleagues raising funds for charity. We recognise and celebrate colleagues’ motivation to engage with these activities, and particularly encourage fund-raising for our selected charity partners. 

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We are alert to the risk of charitable payments being used as illicit inducements, and have appropriate training and monitoring in place as part of our Bribery and Corruption control framework. Find out more about JLT's corruption prevention and risk management


At JLT we believe the diverse skills and experience of our workforce can help make a real difference in the communities in which we operate. We have a history of sharing our expertise, time and energy to support the causes about which our people are passionate. We recognise the importance of engaging our colleagues’ skills and capabilities with the challenges facing local communities.

In Mumbai, for example, colleagues from JLT India, as well as those visiting from across the Group, are actively involved with the Udaan Foundation education project, teaching as volunteers and mentoring pupils, running sports events and performances at this voluntary community school close to our offices. In London JLT is a supporter of the Lloyd's Community Partnership and its work delivering business partnership and mentoring to schools and their pupils in the Tower Hamlets borough neighbouring the Square Mile.

A number of our businesses, including JLT Ireland and JLT Australia, have developed specialised products that give lower-cost access to the benefits of risk management solutions to charities and volunteer/community groups, helping to keep community and volunteering sustainable in a risk-averse climate.  We also provide payroll giving facilities to our our own staff and the employees of more than 3,000 of our clients, and encourage our businesses to support volunteering activity.