Career Stories

Read what our employees have to say about working in Management Services

Christina Alexander

Global Mobility Manager at JLT, Management Services

After leaving college, I went straight into workplace and began developing my career.  My career to date has been varied and interesting with a mix of financial services and professional services and now insurance.  I joined JLT in the summer of 2014 as the Global Mobility Manager.

Prior to joining JLT, I was the Global Talent Development Senior Manager at Ernst & Young (EY) for almost 12 years.   The Global Mobility Manager position attracted me as it would allow me the freedom to make a real difference to developing JLT’s global workforce through international experience.  JLT empowers their employees to be innovative and creative in their roles and this is a philosophy that was very appealing to me, along with the ability to drive a more strategic focus to international mobility.

JLT is embarking on a broader global remit and for that to happen, we need our talent to be at the right place at the right time, to service and grow our business, it's an exciting time for someone like me in a global mobility role!

Working for JLT Management Services is an exciting challenge. JLT MS is the integral cog in the wheel that keeps the JLT wheels turning and the role that all Management Services employees play is key to helping JLT as a whole deliver to our clients. It’s an exciting and crucial part of the business to be a part of with plenty of opportunity for career development.

Jennifer Mason

Head of Compliance Monitoring, Management Services

I attended  Northumbria university where I was awarded a BA (Hons) in Business Studies, following which I joined a graduate training scheme at Guardian Royal Exchange (now part of AXA).  A requirement of that training scheme was to complete my ACII exams – a qualification which proved extremely helpful, especially when returning to work after a career break to have children.   I subsequently completed an MSc in Information Systems.

Prior to joining JLT, I was the Senior Compliance Manager at RSA, responsible for the Business Partnering and the Compliance Monitoring teams. I left RSA to join JLT as I was attracted to working for a Broker rather than an insurer and the new challenges that this would offer me.  From my interaction with Brokers when working at RSA, I felt that my experience would be of real value to JLT as insurers had been far more under the regulatory spotlight than brokers in the preceding years and the role would allow me to apply all that I had learnt at RSA in a new environment.

I was also very impressed by the people I’d met at my interview for the role at JLT and their very clear focus on what was required was exciting.  JLT offers the opportunity to work with great colleagues who are experts at what they do.

As Head of Compliance Monitoring for JLT, my remit covers the UK EB and Risk & Insurance businesses.  This year we have set up the function and defined what compliance monitoring will look like at JLT.  We have developed a risk-based monitoring plan which is focussed on how we deliver on key regulatory requirements and more specifically, ensure we deliver fair outcomes for our clients.  We carry out a combination of thematic reviews and deep dives into areas such as complaints handling, product governance, training and competence and provide the business with support in developing their action plans to address any issues we identify when carrying out reviews. 

Working as part of JLT Management Services allows me the opportunity to develop my career in a fast-paced and supportive environment where I have the opportunity to apply my experience to help JLT grow.