Management Services

JLT Management Services is made up of 15 functions which together provide a centre of excellence supporting the global JLT business and UK operating companies.

Our 500 JLT Management Services employees are based in London, Bristol, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Gloucester and various other offices across the UK.

All roles in Management Services are incredibly diverse; but whether they’re professionals in Finance, Risk &Compliance, HR, Facilities or IT, JLT relies on Management Services to provide essential business support and professional specialist guidance. 

What Management Services do

Management Services encompasses a wide variety of functions, including:

Company Secretariat Group Security
Group Communications Group Tax
Group Finance Group Treasury
Group Human Resources Information Security
Group Internal Audit MS Finance
Group IT UK Business Continuity
Group Legal UK Group Procurement
Group Risk & Compliance UK Property Services

To search and apply for vacancies within Management Services, please visit the JLT Group Linkedin page


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